We are expert HR strategists, specializing in the cultivation of highly relational team cultures aligned to desired business outcomes.

Our solutions for your human resources needs include:

  1. Interim human resources management for companies needing to shore up the human resources department in the event of growth,  turnover, merger or organizational change.
  2. Human resources performance development systems  with Appreciative Inquiry and strength-based strategies.
  3. Training in a variety of human resources topics to include:
  • Recruiting for Retention: We focus on success stories as a launching point for designing recruitment strategies to integrate all phases of the recruitment cycle driven to a successful hire who will contribute successfully to accomplish your goals. Our focus is on helping those involved in the hiring process build consensus on the importance of assessing  relational capacity, motivational factors, cultural fit and required level of expertise as key elements of a successful recruitment approach.
  • Human Resources as the Positive Core of your Business Strategy: We help business teams understand the dynamic of people systems and the power of reframing them to optimize strengths, engagement, innovation and results. Key components of this training involve purposeful dialogue towards an enhanced understanding of business needs and future goals. We help to balance the essentials of the human resources operations with business alignment. People systems are redesigned to optimize talent management strategies built from strengths, and a future focus for an enduring culture.  In sum, we develop with you, respectful, inclusive and high-performing teams who exceed the expectations of your stakeholders and customers.
  • Successful On Boarding for All Hands In: Within the first ninety days, you are not only assessing employees’ performance, they are assessing your company and deciding whether they are “in” or “out”. This training focuses on methods of assuring successful integration of employees within their roles and as a welcomed member of teams and the organization as a whole.
  • Cultivating  Thriving Teams: Whether a newly formed team or well performing teams who have slowed in stride, our training and team building sessions inject  positive energy, meaningful dialogue and deepened relationships. We create an environment of rich story sharing and integration of success and strengths as levers lto launch into future success. These sessions are presented in either half day or whole day events.
  • Positive Performance Coaching : We believe that people want to contribute successfully at work. We teach appreciative performance dialogue and how to chart a course for employee success build from strengths,  role clarity and clear mutual expectations and offer tools and resources to support success. The sessions are practical, insightful and involve high levels of interaction and in-session practice.